Yummy Sunday 39: Who Likes Seafood?

Happy Weekend!

Do you like seafood? My husband likes it a lot! If I am not allergic to it, I would definitely like it too.  I love the smell of the shrimps that I sometimes have a piece of it. When it comes to crabs, I don’t eat it because honestly, I don’t know how to eat it. When hubby is eating crabs, I usually look at him and watch which parts are to be eaten and which parts are not. When it comes to squid, I totally have no problem at it. I can eat squid not matter what type of cooking.

How about you? Share your thoughts on seafoods.  Happy Yummy Sunday everyone!

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“One and Thirty Four”

happy birthday cake
Dharlz celebrated her 34th birthday last March and her food blog, “MORE FOOD ADVENTURES” is already one year old this month so she’s having a contest for this double celebration. The name of the contest is “One and Thirty Four”. She’s giving away delicious foodies for the winners. I invite you to join the contest too! Below are the steps on how to join:

1. Make a post about this contest and add the site More Food Adventures and other blog sites to your bloglist: My Happy Home, Inhale Exhale and Just The Tip of an Iceberg.

2. Go back to THE CONTEST POST and leave your comment with the URL of your post

3. One entry per blog site. Please PLUG UR POST at your FB profile page..(equivalent to 5 points)

4. Adding Mommy Dharlz as friend on FACEBOOK and following all blogs on NetworkedBlogs is also another (1 point ) entry. (please do 1-3 first for this to be considered)

5. Follow Mommy Dharlz on Twitter and it will be another (1 point )entry. (please do 1-4 first for this to be considered.)

6. Subscribe Via Email — refer to my sidebar — and Confirm Subscription , another entry (3 points)

7. Bloggers outside Cagayan de Oro and the Philippines are welcome for as long as they have a Cagayan de Oro City address or you actually give your prize to a relative or friend, or someone who lives in this city.

8. Winners will be drawn through

9. Contest will commence when this blog turns One Year and Thirty Four Days old, on May 27, 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and enjoy great foodies!


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I’m happy to know that this blog has already reached 700 comments. Hoping to receive more comments on the coming days. Thanks guys for visiting my blog often.

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AMAZING Grace 1st Blog Anniversary

Hello everyone! Grace of “Amazing Grace” is now celebrating her 1st Blog Anniversary and she’s having a contest with lots of amazing give-aways. She wanted everyone to have these great give-aways that is why she’s inviting everyone to join her blog contest. The rules are very simple. Here’s what you’re going to do:
1. Make a post about this contest and add the site AMAZING GRACE and her other blog sites to your bloglist: A Walk to Remember, Gracia Fashionista , A Bucket of Wisdom.
2. Return to this post and leave your comment with the URL of your post
3. One entry per blog site
4. Bloggers outside Philippines are welcome ( just leave a Philippine address for
the delivery of the items)
5. One winner for each item. Winners will be drawn through
6. Contest Runs from May 01 – June 15,2010.
Join now and greet Grace on her 1st blog anniversary!
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Philippine Elections 2010

Today is Philippine’s first automated elections. Everyone wanted to try out this new voting system that is every polling precincts are all packed withe people right now. Each polling precincts serves 700 to 1,000 people so you could imagine the long queue and the long hours of waiting.

While casting my vote at my polling precinct, I was so surprised a huge crowd of people waiting for their turns to vote. I couldn’t join the crowd grabbing priority numbers because I’m afraid it could trigger my asthma. It was raining and the people forget about the rain, bumping each other just to get a priority number. Thank God, my aunt was there who untiringly get a priority number for me. After two hours of waiting, I have finally casted my vote.

Even though it was so tiring to wait there for hours, I am happy that I have exercised my right to vote. I just hope that my vote will truly be counted.


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Yummy Sunday 38: Sweets for Mother’s Day

It’s 2nd Sunday of May 2010 and glad to be celebrating Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was a busy day for me because I was making a Mother’s Day giveaway for the mothers in our church.  The photo above is the sample of the give-away I made. It’s a giveaway with different kinds of sweets like lollipops, candies, and chocolates. I hope all the mothers in our church will like it.

To all the mothers out there who are participating Yummy Sunday, I wish you a blessed Mother’s Day!

I would also like to greet my ever dearest Mom and Mother-in law a happy Mother’s Day!


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Yummy Sunday 37: Lechon Manok

This Lechon Manok is from Cafe Laguna Restaurant. Their chicken looks good but it’s a bit dry. If you have tried Maxx Chicken, the taste is a bit similar to it. But this time, I’m gonna say goodbye to eating chicken because I was advised to take hypoallergenic diet for 3 months. I’ll be saying goodbye to fried chicken, lechon manok, KFC hot shots and everything that is made of chicken. <sigh> Anyway, this will be for my own good so I will have to strictly follow it.

Happy Yummy Sunday everyone!


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